Scholarships for Clinical Placement in a Hospital Emergency Department


The scheme is an Australian Government initiative seeking to support nurses, midwives and nursing or midwifery students undertaking a clinical placement within a hospital emergency department. 

Application dates

Applications are now open. Click here to apply.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to apply you must be: 
  • An Australian citizen or a permanent resident
And meet one of the following criteria:
  • a postgraduate nursing or midwifery student undertaking a course that results in a nationally recognised and accredited qualification in emergency or critical care nursing
  • an undergraduate nursing or midwifery student enrolled in an accredited nursing or midwifery course that results in a nationally recognised and accredited entry level nursing or midwifery qualification 
  • an enrolled nurse, registered nurse or midwife who wishes to enhance their experience in an emergency department.
If you are a New Zealand citizen, please click here to determine your eligibility for this scholarship.
You can only receive this scholarship once during your studies.

Selection Criteria

Scholarships will be awarded based on how an applicant addresses the following criteria: 
  • Discuss your ambitions to promote and aid emergency nursing in the future and 
  • How this placement will contribute to your ambitions and understanding of emergency department nursing within Australia.
For undergraduate students, preference will be given to those in their third year of study. 
Please note, clinical placement hospitals will require students to comply with certain requirements such as undertaking a criminal history check (that may include a working with children check) or safety and cultural awareness training and ensuring appropriate professional insurance and immunisation. If successful you are responsible for determining the necessary requirements and complying with them. 

Value of scholarship

The maximum total value of the Scholarship is $23,000.
Payments may be made for:
  • Travel 
  • Accommodation and living expenses if a scholar is required to relocate from home to complete the placement
  • Loss of income, not available for undergraduate students
  • Supervision payment to the hosting hospital.
Please note: When you are not required to relocate from your usual place of residence for the purpose of undertaking the clinical placement, no payment will be made for accommodation or living expenses. However, if you remain in your usual place of residence but incur additional travel expenses in undertaking the clinical placement, RCNA will consider the reimbursement of such expenses. To be considered eligible to receive funding towards additional travel expenses you must be travelling in excess of half an hour each way to and from placement each day.

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Need more information?

For clarification of your eligibility under this scheme please contact ACN:
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