Australian College of Nursing (ACN)
Strategic Plan 2012-1015

Our intent

Leading nursing expertise and care through access, learning and advocacy

Our purpose

Nursing expertise: as the peak professional nursing body in Australia, ACN gathers together experts in care delivery and is therefore uniquely placed to advance nursing scholarships and offer education and information services to all those involved with care consistent with our portfolio of offerings.
Access: the ability to access communities of belonging based on member status and areas of interest; access to learning, (real time, remotely, face to face); access to information and the ability to connect people and information across all aspects of nursing.
Learning: variety of niche, modularised offerings and pathways that are important for nursing, particularly those that are not delivered elsewhere.
Advocacy: strong relationships with communities to understand articulate and influence decision‐making and outcomes that improve nursing and care design and delivery in the 21st