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Australian College of Nursing works in collaboration with selected partners for you to enjoy products and services for both your work and home life.

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Elsevier Publications
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Australian Medicines Handbook

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Guild Insurance: Professional Liabilities Insurance

In response to a request by our members, Guild Insurance has developed a Professional Liabilities Insurance policy for ACN members. ACN members pay significantly less than non-members for a robust policy that has been tailored to cover your unique needs as a nurse. Learn more...

Toga hospitality

Toga Hospitality currently operates 52 hotels located throughout Australia, New Zealand under four brands; Medina Apartment Hotels, Adina Apartment Hotels (Europe and Sydney), Vibe Hotels and Travelodge Hotels (Australia & New Zealand).
ACN members can access discounted rates at all participating hotels by clicking here.

Australian Medicines Handbook

The leading medicines reference for supporting professional nursing care

Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH), the evidence-based comparative medicines reference preferred by tens of thousands of health professionals, is published annually in book format, and electronic versions that are updated six-monthly. Learn more...


Medically Sound

Medically Sound brings personality and individuality to the forefront of your Nursing practice with a wide range of unique professional medical products. Learn more...


NURSESheart brings professionalism and efficiency to your practice by providing a range of Nurse's Joey® pouches. This nurse invention has become the leading ‘nurse organiser’ on the market and remains a unique uniform accessory. Learn more...


Elsevier Australia

For over 100 years, the Elsevier name has represented a dedication to excellence in the exchange of information.

Today, Elsevier remains committed to that mission and has grown into an information provider of global proportions with offices around the world. Elsevier has become the undisputed market leader in the publication and dissemination of literature covering the broad spectrum of health and scientific endeavours. Learn more...

Ausmed Publications

Ausmed Publicastions is an Australian-owned nurse publishing company. They produce practical high quality books for clinical nurses. Learn more...