Unification update for membership

On 1 July 2012, Royal College of Nursing, Australia and The College of Nursing unified to form a new entity, the Australian College of Nursing (ACN). On this page, you will find information on how this will affect your membership and how it will be transferred to the new organisation.
Click here to read the joint media release from RCNA and TCoN.

Transition of Membership from RCNA or TCoN to ACN

Transition letters have been sent to all RCNA and TCoN members. To become a part of ACN all RCNA and TCoN members must agree to transfer their membership to ACN. This is done by completing and returning the Transition of Membership letter to ACN.
Click the links below to download a copy of the Transition of Membership form which can be printed off, completed and returned to ACN. 
RCNA members
TCoN members
Transition form   Transition form

New ACN Membership Rates

RCNA membership category ACN membership category ACN annual fee
Honorary Fellow Honorary Fellow No fee
Distinguished Life Fellow Distinguished Life Fellow No fee
Fellow Fellow $320 standard rate
Member Member $295 standard rate
Retired Member/Fellow Member $120 retiree rate
Corporate Partner Member $200 affiliate rate
Graduate Member Member $150 graduate rate
Degree or Diploma Student Nurse Student Member $120*
Associate Companion Associate Member $200

* One off fee valid for a maximum of three years
* ACN joining fee for all current RCNA complementary student members irrespective of graduation date

Frequently asked questions

When will my membership transition to ACN?
If you agree to transition your membership to ACN this transition would have effect from the Unification Date which will be on or shortly after 1 July 2012. The exact unification date will be agreed by RCNA and TCoN on or prior to 1 July 2012. 
Why transition my membership to ACN?
On and from the Unification Date there will be 3 legal entities in the ACN group – ACN, RCNA and TCoN. The key governing entity in the group will be ACN and it will control both RCNA and TCoN. By transitioning your membership to ACN you will be taking membership in the entity that controls the group.
What if I do not agree to transition my membership?
Current members of RCNA who elect not to transition their membership with effect from the Unification Date will retain their membership in RCNA. On the expiry of their annual membership RCNA will not offer the opportunity to renew their RCNA membership. Instead they will be offered the opportunity to take up an equivalent membership in ACN. RCNA will not offer any new memberships on and from the Unification Date.
What member benefits will be offered by Australian College of Nursing (ACN)?
Member benefits will remain an integral part of the ACN membership and therefore in the interim all benefits for RCNA and TCoN will be provided.  As always benefits will continue to be reviewed and improved according to relevance and need. 
What happens if I am a member of both Colleges?
You can continue dual membership of both RCNA and TCoN.  Once the colleges have unified and you have notified the colleges you wish to take up membership of ACN you will then hold a single equivalent membership with ACN.
It’s not practical for me to keep/renew my membership with both RCNA and TCoN before the unification. Which one should I stay with?
We suggest you retain your membership with which ever College you see as the more useful or beneficial to you during the unification period. 
Will I be able to retain my RCNA membership number? 
If you are a current RCNA member you will retain your current number. If you have been an RCNA member in the past we will endeavour to give you your old number if your records are still on the system. All new members who have never been listed with RCNA will be issued with a new membership number. 
If I’m a second/third year student do I still have to pay the full $120 new student fee?
If you are a current paying second year diploma student or 3rd year undergraduate student then you will not be required to pay additional fees. 

If you are not currently a paying student you will be required to pay the full amount of $120 irrespective of year level.  
Why do I have to consent to join ACN?
As ACN will be a new organisation we have a legal requirement to gain your written permission to cease your current membership with RCNA/TCoN and to commence with ACN.  All current members from RCNA and TCoN will receive a letter inviting them to join ACN. This letter must be signed and returned to the relevant College to ensure membership of ACN.
What happens if I do not give permission to join ACN?
Any RCNA or TCoN members who do not provide written permission to join ACN will retain their membership to the former Colleges until their membership lapses. After 1 July 2012 RCNA and TCoN members will be unable to renew their membership to their respective colleges. These members can still provide permission to join ACN at any time.
If I remain with RCNA or TCoN and do not give permission to become an ACN member will I still receive my current member benefits and access after 1July 2012?
It is anticipated that all of your current college benefits will continue until your anniversary.  As current practice if there are to be any changes to membership benefits you will be advised as normal. 
Do I need to make any payments when I return the form?
No, this form is your permission to cease membership with  RCNA and become a member of Australian College of Nursing. You only pay if you have received a separate renewal notice. Simply fill out, sign and send the form to RCNA.
Will my monthly payments continue?
Yes, and from the payment to be taken on 31 July the payments will be reduced to reflect the new fee.
Can I fax or email my form back?
No, legally we must have the original form with your signature returned to us.
What happens if I do not return the form?
We encourage all our members to return their form asap so you can receive all the benefits under the Australian College of Nursing.  If you do not return the form when you are due for renewal you will not be given the option to continue with RCNA but will be invited then to join the Australian College of Nursing

Other questions?

If you have any membership enquiries please contact the Membership Services Team at membership@rcna.org.au or on freecall 1800 061 660.