31 January 2013
ACN 2013-2014 Federal Budget Submission
(Department of the Treasury)

27 January 2012
Pre-Budget Submission 2012 - 2013
(Department of the Treasury)

28 January 2011
RCNA 2011-12 Federal Budget Submission
(Department of the Treasury)

August 2010
RCNA Key election priorities 2010
(Commonwealth and State/Territory Leaders and Health Ministers, Key Independents)

6 May 2010

RCNA Funding priorities
RCNA has distributed a letter to the Prime Minister, the Minister for Health and Ageing and the Treasurer detailing our expectations of the forthcoming health announcements in this year’s Federal Budget. The Hon. Kevin Rudd MP, The Hon. Nicola Roxon MP and The Hon. Wayne Swan MP received an enclosed formal copy of Funding priorities: RCNA identified funding priorities submitted to the Australian Government for inclusion in the 2010-11 Federal Budget, which details the proposals included in our pre-budget submission.

29 January 2010
RCNA Federal Budget Submission 2010 - 2011
(Department of the Treasury)

January 2008
Pre-Budget Submission 2008 - 2009
(Department of the Treasury)